Pitum HaKetoret

Our Torah scholars and, particularly, the kabbalists teach us about the segula (supernatural remedy) of reading the incense offering, and of the benefits it brings, especially when read from parchment.

"Anyone who reads the scriptural account of the incense offering is as if he offered the incense in the Holy Temple himself. Its reading has the same power as when Aharon, the High Priest, used the (secret of the) incense offering to stop the plague and the Angel of Death. The secret had to have been revealed to Moshe for a Heavenly Voice asked, 'Who revealed this secret to my children?'." Therefore, Moshe received the secret of the incense offering at the time of the Giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai from the Prosecuting Angel and passed it down to his brother, Aharon, the High Priest. Since then, we have this knowledge from generation to generation.

The recitation of the incense offering from a text written in Torah script is a segula for merit, wealth, and success in all endeavors. (Caf HaChaim-Chapt. 132, Sec. 23)

Before you is the incense offering illustrated in a variety of styles, available as scrolls and wall hangings for the home or synagogue.

Pitum Haketoret - Mekomot Kedoshim
Pitum Haketoret - Shaar Haprachim
Pitum Haketoret - Alei Geffen Argaman
Pitum Haketoret - Jerusalem
Pitum Haketoret - pocket size
Pitum Haketoret - Megilla 1
Pitum Haketoret - Megilla 2